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Lifeblood of Good Charlotte

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- You can post anything Good Charlotte; music, videos, pictures, icons, wallpapers, interviews, magazine articles, news, questions and all other types of Good Charlotte-related media. But make it worthwhile. If you've seen it a thousand times, chances are we have, too.

- Feel free to post non-media things as well, like letters you have written to the band, experiences you have had with other fans or band members, updates about a show you went to, etc; whatever your little GC hearts desire.

- Off-topic posts are prohibited. All posts must be Good Charlotte-related. Three off-topic posts, and you will be banned from the community. All off-topic posts will be deleted if seen by a mod.

- Do not make any personal threats to any other member. If one of the mods sees or is informed of a threat, you will automatically be banned from the community- no questions asked.

- Please respect the mods & other members. We're trying hard to make this an enjoyable community for you guys. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact one of the moderators privately either by AIM or Email. Don't make a new post or start an argument in comments. No one wants their inbox spammed with other people's issues.

- Keep the Joel/Hilary stuff to a minimum. It causes way too much drama. Please take that kind of stuff over to a Jilary community like joelfuckshilary; they love that stuff over there. It's okay in this community, but if it starts getting too frequent or causing drama, those posts will be deleted by one of the mods.

- LJ Cut is your friend. Use it if you post a picture/community promo/magazine scan or have lots of text.

- Just for convenience, please put a description of what you’re posting either in the subject of the post or in the lj-cut text.

- Have fun. After all, what's a community worth if you can't enjoy it?

Please promote!

_hyoscineheart @ LJ

snowingtears @ LJ

_hyoscineheart @ LJ

Feel free to make banners of your own to promote the community with. Email the link & your username to robotxspeed@gmail.com and I'll post them up here and give you credit.


If you'd like to be affiliates, email me your community name and/or banner.